Seasons in the Sunshine

An Englishman’s tales from a Florida Beach House

“It can all be traced back to a T shirt…………
Although casually displayed in the shop window, it’s slogan caught my eye, and for a few timeless moments, the human swirl around me simply disappeared. I stood alone, mesmerized by the power of five uncomplicated statements”

Quit your job
Buy a ticket
Get a tan
Fall in love
Never return

Nick Roerig grew up in England and trained as a concert pianist. Unfortunately, he then exhibited all the classic traits of a Gemini and spent years doing something else. As a reluctant executive, Nick finally discovered that he had become successful at the wrong thing! When he decided to do something about it and start performing more often, fate served-up a dramatic turn of events. Having been handed an escape route into a sub-tropical paradise, trying to find the perfect beach house to accommodate his grand piano was just the beginning of his new hilarious adventures on Florida’s sun-drenched Atlantic coast. Once builders, guests and students have gone, Nick still finds time to enjoy sunrises over the ocean, ride a bicycle, practice the piano daily and generally amuse the natives.